NBA Mock Draft: One prospect "reach" for every lottery team

Purdue v Connecticut
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#14: Portland Trail Blazers select Ron Holland

Holland is another G-League player who was billed as a possible top-five pick but some of the shine came off after the Ignite’s implosion this season. 

It’s far too early to call Scoot Henderson a bust, but it’s fair to say he had a disappointing rookie season and that the Trail Blazers may shy away from going the G-League route again. 

This wouldn’t be a reach for the Trail Blazers as far as fit, as they need a wing defender and Holland could be a good one, but it would be a reach considering how last year’s G-League pick turned out for Portland. 

Holland has been a bit of a forgotten man on draft boards, but he has big-time two-way potential on the wing, as a guy who could be a stopper on defense.