NBA Mock Draft: One prospect "reach" for every lottery team

Purdue v Connecticut
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#4: Detroit Pistons select Matas Buzelis 

Just about everything is in play for the Detroit Pistons if they drop to the 4th pick, including trading back or even out of this draft altogether. 

Almost anyone the Pistons take here is going to be a reach, so they may as well reach for potential and Buzelis has it as a 6-foot-10 wing player who can pass, make plays and is a willing defender. 

Normally a player with his size and skills wouldn’t be a reach with the 4th pick, but the Pistons also need shooting and there are big question marks around his ability from behind the arc, as he shot just 27 percent from long range with the G-League Ignite this season. 

The now disbanded Ignite were horrible this season, so it’s hard to judge individual players, but Buzelis would certainly be a risk. He was a good weakside shot blocker (averaging over two per game) and is the type of offensive player you can inject into just about any lineup.