NBA Mock Draft: One prospect "reach" for every lottery team

Purdue v Connecticut
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#6: Portland Trail Blazers select Nikola Topic

The Trail Blazers already have a young point guard in Scoot Henderson, but given how his rookie season went, they may want a plan B and Topic could be that guy.

He's a different player than Henderson, who uses power and quickness to get where he wants on the floor where Topic is more of a big, cerebral guard who makes quick decisions and uses change of pace to get buckets from all sorts of angles.

The big question is how these two would fit together, as neither are great 3-point shooters yet, so this could be a big reach for Portland. Topic is a guy who goes higher on most draft boards, and if he fell this far, Portland might have a chance to trade back a spot or two with San Antonio to pick up an additional asset.