NBA Mock Draft: One prospect "reach" for every lottery team

Purdue v Connecticut
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#8: San Antonio Spurs select Rob Dillingham 

If you thought drafting one small combo guard with questionable playmaking was a reach, then how about two? I have to think the Spurs will end up trading one or both of these picks to speed up the rebuild around Wembanyama, but if they don’t Dillingham and Sheppard are an interesting backcourt possibility. 

Dillingham is an electric guard who can get buckets and showed better decision making as the season went on. 

Both guys are undersized, but when you have Wemby cleaning everything up at the rim, it doesn’t much matter, so the Spurs lean into dynamic scorers and active defenders who can get Wembanyama the ball or create their own shot. 

Putting two plus 3-point shooters around Wemby does make sense, especially when you consider the Spurs were 28th in 3-point percentage this season.