No-brainer or too much? Proposed trade walks the line for the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards
Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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Detroit Pistons trade Isaiah Stewart, Quentin Grimes and the 5th pick to the Washington Wizards for Kyle Kuzma 

Bleacher Report recently suggested this trade, which brings Kyle Kuzma (Flint native) home in exchange for Isaiah Stewart, Quentin Grimes and the 5th pick. 

Initially, this deal doesn’t look so bad for Detroit, as they aren’t giving up Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren, Ausar Thompson or Cade Cunningham, but two role players and the 5th pick in a weak draft. 

In most drafts, you’d hope the player you drafted at five at least had a chance to be as good or better than Kuzma, but in this one, it’s harder to make that claim. 

Grimes is on an expiring contract next season and barely played, so it’s hard to say the Pistons are giving up much there. 

Stewart has improved every season he’s been in the league and is on a reasonable (not great) deal that isn’t much less than what Kuzma will make. Kuzma’s contract actually goes down and he’ll be making just $19 million in the final year, $4 million more than Beef Stew. 

Stewart has also been sneakily unreliable, as he’s only played 96 games over the past two seasons, while Kuzma has played 134 in that time. 

Would this be a steal for the Detroit Pistons or are they giving up too much for a non-All-Star who was just the best player on a team nearly as bad as Detroit?