November grades for the plummeting Detroit Pistons

A good start to the season turned to disappointment as November progressed
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Detroit Pistons grades for November

Centers: D-

Jalen Duren:  7 GP, 10 PTS, 52.5 FG%, 0 3P%, 9.4 REB, 2.7 AST, .6 STL, 1.1 BLK, 3 TO

Isaiah Stewart: 14 GP, 10.9 PTS, 44 FG%, 37.9 3P%, 6.6 REB, 1.4 AST, .4 STL, .9 BLK, 1.5 TO

James Wiseman: 10 GP, 5.4 PTS, 64.9 FG%, 0 3P%, 3.2 REB, .3 AST, .1 STL, .3 BLK, .8 TO

Jalen Duren has already solidified his position in the big four. The four that Detroit should, and will, build around. Cade, Ivey, Ausar and Duren, that is. However, he has dealt with quite the injury bug this past month and hasn’t been anywhere near as effective as he was to start the season. Field goal percentage, rebounds, assists, blocks, points, everything is down from his October marks. 20-year-old players with the potential and drive that Duren deserves the benefit of the doubt. But if this team is to turn this season around, Duren will need to be the driving force behind that. 

Isaiah Stewart technically has done exactly what Detroit wanted him to do this season. As mentioned last month, he continues to shoot well from deep. While it wasn’t his 43 percent in October, Stewart is still shooting 38 percent, and averaging 11 points. What’s more disappointing is his defense and effort. Countless times, Stewart was caught jogging down the court, allowing for a fast break bucket. The one-time heartbeat of this team is failing at doing exactly that. I was always a Stewart fan if he could get his deep ball to fall. He has done that, and yet, I’m now questioning whether he is providing any good to this roster. 

The final center on the roster is James Wiseman. There is not much to say here, as I think almost all fans are on the same side. The Wiseman experiment was a complete disaster and Detroit must cut their losses. The 7-foot James Wiseman is averaging three rebounds, .3 blocks, and .1 steals per night. He has zero defensive upside and does not provide enough offensive ability to warrant any playing time. Especially over a guy like Duren.