November grades for the plummeting Detroit Pistons

A good start to the season turned to disappointment as November progressed
Denver Nuggets v Detroit Pistons
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Overall: D

If you expected anything above a D, you have not watched the Pistons this season. Detroit fans are pointing fingers in a lot of different directions after 16 straight losses. And rightfully so. Is Tom Gores lacking as an owner? Does Monty even want to coach in Detroit? Is the roster just not good? The honest answer is likely all three. Detroit’s offseason swings and risks have proven to be failures thus far, either due to talent or injury, and now they are seeing the result. Pair this with a lack of development that was expected and you get a record of 2-17. There are 101 different questions to ask regarding this roster, and it’s up to Troy Weaver and Monty Williams to figure it out. Otherwise, they should be forced to answer for the horrendous season and the D grade. 

I will say, however, Detroit is expected to get healthier as the next few weeks come, and, while much of the stats are all doom and gloom, Detroit is actually not the worst in the league in terms of Net Rating. Detroit had a better Net Rating than both San Antonio and Memphis. Get healthy Detroit, and let your players play to their strengths.

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