1 Offseason task Pistons must complete that will upset fans

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons
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The Detroit Pistons need to trade Isaiah Stewart 

Isaiah “Beef Stew” Stewart is an anomaly, as he is a fan favorite, yet also a guy fans argue about endlessly. 

Most want to see him moved from his role from last season into a backup big situation where he provides defense and stretch five potential off the bench. 

This isn’t necessarily because of anything Stewart did. He has improved each year he’s been in the league, has shown he can be a serviceable shooter from long range and is arguably the Pistons’ best defender. 

But given his current limitations on offense, he can’t and shouldn’t play alongside Jalen Duren. 

Stewart is also a guy that a lot of other teams have expressed interest in, as he is the type of role player all good teams need. 

Attaching him to a trade could yield the Pistons a solid return and player(s) who are better fits. 

But is Stewart really the problem? The Pistons have committed to Stewart contractually, so are we sure he’s the one they would trade?