1 Offseason task Pistons must complete that will upset fans

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons
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The Detroit Pistons have to trade Jalen Duren 

It’s easy to argue that Stewart is the one the Pistons should keep if one of their big men has to go, as he is more versatile and already on a reasonable contract that will look even better as the salary cap continues to rise. 

Modern bigs need to be able to shoot/pass/dribble or defend the rim and Duren does neither, though he is just 20 years old and has plenty of room to grow as a player. 

If the Pistons believe he can get there defensively, then they don’t have to trade either of these guys, as Stewart can come off the bench as a do-it-all big man with Duren as the starter. 

But if Langdon doesn’t see it, Duren is a guy who would be a nice trade chip for any team looking for a young big man (New Orleans). 

There is also a chance that Trajan Langdon likes his bigs and will look to make changes in other areas.