1 Offseason task Pistons must complete that will upset fans

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The Detroit Pistons need to trade Jaden Ivey 

This is a move that would divide the fanbase, as you have one camp that believes Jaden Ivey is going to be a star and another that thinks he’s just an inefficient guard who can’t defend. 

If Langdon sees more of the latter, it could be Ivey that is shipped out and he would likely have the most trade value of any of their young players not named Cade Cunningham. 

If the Pistons are committed to building around Cunningham (which they will make official when he signs a max extension), then Ivey may have to go, as he has not proven to be a great fit. 

The Pistons need more defense and shooting on the perimeter and Ivey is a guy who does his best work with the ball in his hands, getting to the rim and drawing fouls. 

Detroit certainly doesn’t have to trade all three of these players, but if Langdon is going to make a big splash this offseason and put his stamp on the team, then one of them should probably go, as the Pistons can’t double down on a roster that led to the worst record in team history. 

There is a chance Langdon will play it safe in his first offseason, but if not, expect one of these three players to be on a different team next season and for a big chunk of fans to be unhappy about it.