Pacers rumors could benefit the Detroit Pistons

Indiana Pacers v Detroit Pistons
Indiana Pacers v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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After winning just 14 games this season, it’s safe to say the Detroit Pistons need to improve the roster if they want to be competitive in the Eastern Conference. 

With a top-five draft pick and heaps of cap space, the Pistons are in a position to make those improvements, but timing is going to be everything. 

Can they find a team with a contract they want to get rid of for cheap? Can the Pistons use their pick and some of their young talent to make a big splash? Can they find the right combination of free agents to build a competent roster? 

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One team to watch this summer is the Indiana Pacers, who have a logjam at a position of need for the Pistons. 

Could Detroit Pistons take advantage of Pacers’ logjam at power forward? 

The Indiana Pacers made a leap into the playoffs this season and will look to continue to build around budding superstar Tyrese Haliburton (sigh). 

But if they want to keep most of their roster together, they have some tough decisions. Assuming they bring Pascal Siakam back, the Pacers will potentially have four power forwards on the roster who are all looking for and expect minutes. 

Detroit’s biggest need is power forward depending on how you view Isaiah Stewart, who has made nice strides as a shooter but still profiles more as a versatile big man who plays some at both spots. 

In a recent interview, Pacers’ GM Chad Buchanan talked about one of his power forwards Obi Toppin, a restricted free agent the Pacers would like to bring back (according to him) after he had the best season of his career and appeared in all 82 games, providing high efficiency scoring off the bench. 

If the Pacers do retain Toppin, it could open some doors for the Detroit Pistons.