Pacers rumors could benefit the Detroit Pistons

Indiana Pacers v Detroit Pistons
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Detroit Pistons trade: Jarace Walker 

If the Pacers bring back Siakam, Toppin and Smith it’s hard to see how the 20-year-old Walker fits into their plans, especially after only playing 33 games as a rookie. 

Coming out of college, he did draw some comparisons to Beef Stew, but that was mostly physically, as both guys are very strong with a big, wide frame at the shoulders. 

Walker is also 6-foot-8 with a massive wingspan and can defend up and down the lineup, so there are some similarities. 

But Walker is far more dynamic offensively, especially as a passer and attacking closeouts, two things Stewart is still working on. He doesn’t have a huge highlight reel from this season, but you can see he’s got some playmaking chops that Stewart lacks: 

Is there still too much crossover? To me, you can never have too many big, versatile defenders who can shoot. This is a prototype all teams are trying to stockpile for the playoffs, when traditional centers often become targets defensively. 

The Pistons would still likely need a veteran center, but having two bigs who can come off the bench and play wherever you need them would be a weapon for whoever is coaching the Pistons next season. 

The question is what the Pistons would have to give up to get him. Has Walker’s value dropped after being a forgotten man in Indiana? Would he be worth giving up assets to acquire? Fair questions. 

Although they are not perfect fits, the Pacers do have a plethora of big men who could end up available this summer if the Pistons want to load up on more size and versatility.