11 People who turned their backs on the Detroit Pistons

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#10: Monty Williams 

Monty Williams is currently the head coach of the Detroit Pistons, but that almost didn’t happen. 

Williams reportedly turned down Detroit’s initial overture to make him their head coach, and owner Tom Gores just had to keep adding money to the pile to get him to change his mind. Eventually, it was too much for anyone to turn down and Monty Williams begrudgingly accepted the job. 

Since becoming the coach, he has not endeared himself to fans, largely because of his benching of Jaden Ivey and the 28-game losing streak the team suffered through. 

It hasn’t gotten much better since, as Williams continues to run out weird, bloated rotations of 12-13 guys, refusing to give into a fanbase that just wants to see the core of the team play big minutes together. 

Hopefully, this one will turn around eventually, but Monty started his career in Detroit on the wrong foot and it has just kept getting worse.