11 People who turned their backs on the Detroit Pistons

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#9: Austin Reaves 

You know things aren’t going well when a prospective second-round pick declines an offer to be drafted by your team. 

But that is what happened with Austin Reaves, who chose to take his chances on the undrafted free-agent market rather than play for the Pistons. 

The Pistons were reportedly set to draft Reaves, who confessed that he turned them down hoping to get a chance with the Lakers. 

Reaves cited a lowball offer of a two-way deal and the idea that he might have more opportunity on LA, who lacked guards at the time. 

This wasn’t all on Reaves, as he’d probably be a Piston now if the team had just offered him a full contract, but they didn’t and he decided to take his chances elsewhere.