11 People who turned their backs on the Detroit Pistons

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#6: John Kuester and the 2011 Pistons 

You can blame the coach or the team for this one, but the 2011 Detroit Pistons were a hot mess. 

It culimated with a large swath of the team reportedly committing a mutiny against their coach and refusing to practice, though they later claimed sickness. 

Apparently, the group was led by Rip Hamilton and all six players who refused to practice were suspended by the team. 

John Kuester didn’t last much longer and was eventually fired as perhaps the worst coach to ever sit on the Pistons’ bench, though Joe Dumars had a string of them that are in the conversation. 

It was an ugly incident in Detroit that led Stephen A. Smith to write this embarrassing column (embarrassing for him) chastising a group of African Americans for daring to have an opinion in a bad economy. Not his finest work.