5 Players Detroit Pistons fans should watch in the NCAA Tournament

2022 NBA Draft
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Last week we highlighted a number of draft options for the Detroit Pistons from the G-League and international pool of players.

This week, we’re switching our focus to the college ranks, and some guys that could help the Motor City and their strengths and weaknesses.

All of these players will be showcasing their skills in the NCAA Tournament. For full bracket and schedule, click here.

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Draft Prospects for the Detroit Pistons in the NCAA Tournament

Cody Williams, 6’8 SF, Colorado 


  • Length/Size
  • Shooting Efficiency
  • Switchability
  • Both On-Ball and Off-Ball Abilities


  • Extremely Average Rebound, Assist, and Steal Stats
  • Strength
  • Turnover to Assist Ratio

Summary of Cody Williams

Cody Williams, younger brother of Oklahoma City Thunder star Jalen Williams, has a legitimate chance at being Detroit’s top selection. It would be a surprise for Williams to jump up to one overall, but if the Pistons fall to three or four, Cody could be the pick. The 6-foot-8 small forward is averaging 13.7 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 1.8 assists while shooting 59 percent from two, and 45 percent from three. 

Cody is an elite wing prospect who can light it up from deep, albeit on low volume. He reads the floor extremely well, and would be a legit two way wing for Detroit. Cody is a great defender on the perimeter, and, thanks to his length, can switch defensively from positions one through four. He would have to add strength and develop as a rebounder, and passer, but if his brother has taught us anything, development should be no problem for Williams.