5 Players Detroit Pistons fans should watch in the NCAA Tournament

2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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Tristan da Silva, 6’9 SF/PF, Colorado 


  • Length/Size
  • Three Point Shooting
  • Free Throw Shooting


  • Physicality
  • Age
  • Can Sometimes Play One Dimensional

Summary of Tristan da Silva

Tristan da Silva’s size and ability to shoot the three ball will be enough for NBA teams to take a chance on the senior out of Colorado. This year, he’s averaging 16.2 points, 5.6 rebounds and is connecting from deep at 38 percent. His free throw shooting is up over 80 percent indicating not only that his three point shooting is likely not a fluke, but could improve even further. 

It’s because of his age, already 22 years old, and his lack of a true tool outside of shooting, that da Silva could be kept outside of the first round. This would obviously benefit the Pistons as they would then have a shot at the modern archetype big. If he were to increase his offensive bag, his potential could be similar to Kyle Kuzma.