5 Players Detroit Pistons fans should watch in the NCAA Tournament

2022 NBA Draft
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DaRon Holmes, 6’10 C, Dayton 


  • Interior Pick and Roll Presence
  • Ability to Space the Floor
  • Switchability
  • Defensive Timing


  • Wingspan
  • Age
  • Offensive Rebounding

Summary of DaRon Holmes

DaRon Holmes started his career as a dominant interior presence for the Dayton Flyers, but has evolved over his last two seasons. Down low, Holmes was, and still is, a legit pick and roll, post-up threat. He was in the 77th percentile in post-ups, and 91st in half-court efficiency. Holmes and his team began to run a five out offensive system, however, and DaRon had to adjust. It’s his development away from the basket that should now have Detroit interested. The 6-foot-10 big man is now playing beyond the arc to the tune of 39 percet, which paired with his size and interior skills, would be a plus for Detroit at the four. 

Defensively, even with his slight lack of size if he were to play the five, Holmes protects the rim well. His defensive timing and athletic ability would give Detroit a legit weapon. Holmes is projected to go well into the second round, similar to Bridges and Hawkins on this list. Selecting one of them in the second round would be a home run.