Popular Pistons draft prospect going through concerning slump

Besiktas Emlakjet v JL Bourg Basket: Group A - EuroCup
Besiktas Emlakjet v JL Bourg Basket: Group A - EuroCup / Seskim Photo/MB Media/GettyImages

We are now into April and there is still nothing even close to a consensus about what the Detroit Pistons will do in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft. 

Last season was all about Victor Wembanyama, but without that sort of star power at the top, it’s anyone’s guess what the top five will look like once it finally shakes out. With teams believing they can find as much talent outside the top five as it in, we may see a record number of teams trading back to try and pick up assets and find value. 

Many Mock Drafts do have the Pistons taking forward Zaccharie Risacher, an 18-year-old French prospect known for his two-way versatility. Risacher shot up draft boards after his red-hot 3-point shooting in the EuroCup, where he hit 56 percent of his five 3-point attempts per game. With his size, ballhandling and defensive potential, a guy who can also hit 3-point shots would fill a Pistons’ need and be a potential star in the NBA.

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But is that 3-point shooting for real or has Risacher come back to Earth? 

Detroit Pistons draft: Zaccharie Risacher’s shooting 

Risacher is only 18, so it’s tough to project what he will ultimately be, but considering he’s been mentioned as possibility for the Detroit Pistons, even if they land the #1 pick, it’s fair to wonder if his recent shooting struggles are a slump or what will be his norm. It's also fair to mention that he was on fire before being put in concussion protocal.

In his last 25 games for Bourg in the LNB Pro A league, Risacher is shooting just 35 percent from long range on 5.6 attempts per game and his overall field goal percentage has dropped from 56 to 43 percent. 

He’s been even worse since January, shooting just 28 percent from long range: 

This is small sample size city here, but considering his draft status was boosted by a small sample of shooting, it’s something to keep an eye on as the draft approaches. 

Risacher is seen as a “safe” pick for the Pistons because of his versatility and two-way potential, but if he ends up as a mediocre 3-point shooter, that limits the ceiling for what he can be. 

I doubt anyone will have a clue what the Detroit Pistons are going to do until the moment they do it and Mock Drafts have already changed tremendously in just the last few weeks.