3 Positive developments in a negative season for the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
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This has not been the season we hoped to get from the Detroit Pistons.

And the coverage has reflected that, including ours, as it's been largely focused on the negatives of what will likely go down as the worst team in franchise history.

Blame has been spread from the owner on down and just about everyone has taken their fair share of shots from fans and media.

This goes against my nature as Homer #1, a fan who has been following this team for a LONG time and tries to look for the positives.

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So here are a few that the Detroit Pistons can hopefully hang their hats on for the rest of this season and into the future.

Cade Cunningham's 3-point shooting

Cade Cunningham has been on fire from behind the arc of late. He's leading the NBA in 3-point percentage since the All-Star break, a welcome development that we knew was coming at some point.

Since hitting over 48 percent from 3-point range since the All-Star break, Cunningham is up to 36.4 on the season and climbing. He's now hitting over 45 percent from the field on the season and putting up counting stats that would have him in the All-Star game if he were on a better team.

The Detroit Pistons need Cade Cunningham to be a superstar and all signs are pointing toward that eventuality.