3 Positive developments in a negative season for the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
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Ausar Thompson is figuring it out for the Detroit Pistons

I love watching Ausar Thompson play basketball.

He's already very good at so many little things, especially on defense, where he is a borderline All-Defensive player in his rookie season.

And there are signs that his offense is catching up.

He's been shooting over 50 percent since the All-Star break and nearly 30 percent from long range. No one is going to mistake him for peak Klay Thompson, and he doesn't need to be, but if he can hit league average some of the spacing concerns in the starting lineup get less daunting.

I hope to see him continue to be aggressive with the ball in his hands, and continue to take the open shots when they are there for him. When defenders have to start closing out on his 3-point shot, he's going to be trouble for the league.