1 Possible Pistons trade candidate from nearly every team

Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat
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Brooklyn Nets: Ben Simmons 

I’m strongly against another salary dump, especially one of this magnitude, as Simmons is owed $40 million next season and there is no guarantee he’ll even play. Back in the days when expiring contracts were more valuable, this might have been an option, but now, I can’t see it. B/R cites the 2025 free agency class (which is potentially loaded) as the reason to want a big expiring deal, but we all know most of those guys won’t end up in free agency and will either be re-signed by their current teams or traded. 

Even if there was a first-round pick or two coming back, it wouldn’t be worth punting the cap space down the road again. We’ve been here. No. 

Chicago Bulls: Zach LaVine 

I was 100% out on LaVine when the talk was sending Jaden Ivey in exchange, but now that his value is in the dumpster, I don’t know, maybe? If the Bulls were literally willing to just give him away for the cap relief, it might be worth a shot for the Pistons, who do need a better scoring option next to Cade. 

But LaVine is always hurt and is an even worse defender than Jaden Ivey, so even if he was free, I’d probably still pass.