1 Possible Pistons trade candidate from nearly every team

Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat
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Golden State Warriors: Andrew Wiggins 

Wiggins isn’t quite in the LaVine category, but he’s not far off, as the Warriors aren’t going to get much for a guy owed that much money who regressed in nearly all facets of the game this season. 

The Wiggins from a few years ago is exactly what the Pistons need, as he was one of the best 3-and-D wings in the game. Wiggins shot 40 percent from 3-point range just a season ago and was an All-Star in 2021-22, so it’s not like he’s completely washed and he’s only 29 years old somehow. If you thought he could get back to where he was, he’d be worth a risk, but there’s also a risk he would just phone it in for Detroit for three seasons and collect $84 million. 

Depending on the cost, he might be worth that risk, but if the Warriors want any kind of assets, no thanks. 

Indiana Pacers: Isaiah Jackson 

The Pacers have a bunch of big men who could end up on the Pistons’ radar, as both Obi Toppin and Jalen Smith are set to be free agents. But they could end up keeping them both and moving Jackson instead. He’s an interesting prospect at just 22 years old, as he’s already shown he can do one thing Detroit needs from a backup big, which is block shots. Jackson has blocked 1.3 shots per game in just 14 minutes on average for his career, an impressive number that wouldn’t look bad coming off the Pistons’ bench.