1 Possible Pistons trade candidate from nearly every team

Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat
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Phoenix Suns: Bradley Beal 

Good luck, Phoenix! Anyone in the market for a guard making $160 million over the next three seasons who is no longer that good? Even if the Suns could attach a bunch of draft picks, which they can’t, that contract is likely the worst in the NBA, so it’s hard to see anyone biting. The Suns are going to be paying some serious luxury tax next season unless they can move Kevin Durant. 

Portland Trail Blazers: Malcolm Brogdon 

A veteran guard who is a high-level 3-point shooter? Yes please. Brogdon can still play and is just one season removed from winning 6th Man of the Year. The Trail Blazers will likely look to move him and perhaps Jerami Grant this summer and both might have some appeal to the Pistons depending on the price. Brogdon only has one year left on his deal at a reasonable price of $22 million, so he might not cost much more than cap space for Detroit, but he’d also likely be a one-year rental with a ton of trade rumors around him at the deadline if the Pistons suck again. 

If they can get him for cheap, he’d be worth a flyer and if it doesn't’ work out, you trade him at the deadline and recoup some of the assets you gave up to get him. Not many teams are going to give up a first-round pick for a one-year rental, so could Detroit get him for a young player (Sasser?) and a few second-round picks? He’s a name to watch.