1 Possible Pistons trade candidate from nearly every team

Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat
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Sacramento Kings: Harrison Barnes 

Barnes has been in Pistons’ rumor mills for years as a 3-and-D wing. He’s still steady and only has two years left on his deal at a reasonable annual salary of under $20 million. He's still an efficient shooter who can spread the floor and the man never misses games, as he started all 82 for the Kings in each of the last two seasons. These are all qualities the Pistons need, but what would the Kings want in return? 

Washington Wizards: Kyle Kuzma 

Eh. I’m skeptical about trading for a guy who was on a team almost as bad as the Pistons last season and didn’t seem to care much about it. Kuzma is good and is on a team-friendly contract that gets cheaper over the next three seasons. He’s also from Flint, so may have some mutual interest in coming to the Pistons. For the right price, he would be an upgrade at the four, but given his de-escalating contract and production, the Wizards will be looking for a big return and if they don’t get it, will probably just keep him. I like Kuzma, but not at a high price.