Possible Detroit Pistons trade target on the Memphis Grizzlies

Detroit Pistons Introduce First NBA Draft First Overall Pick Cade Cunningham
Detroit Pistons Introduce First NBA Draft First Overall Pick Cade Cunningham / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

It's hard to come up with ways to say the Detroit Pistons have hit a new low point.

They've lost 21 in a row, are playing without any energy or hope and the coach they just signed to a seven-year guaranteed deal doesn't seem to have any answers and has actually been part of the problem.

Any change would be viewed as a positive right now, so the Pistons should look to make some moves even if they are of the low-level variety.

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Detroit needs help everywhere, so it's not like one minor move will save them or even make them much better, but it couldn't hurt and the Memphis Grizzlies may have a player or two they can poach.

Detroit Pistons could pursue Jake LaRavia of the Memphis Grizzlies

According to Matt Moore of the Action Network, the Grizzlies need to clear a roster spot for the return of Ja Morant and have two candidates to trade:

"The Grizzlies are maxed out in roster space but are interested in moving one or two players with Ja Morant nearly back from suspension in order to keep center Bismack Biyombo, whom they desperately need with Steven Adams out for the year. Jake LaRavia and John Konchar are believed to be available in talks."

Of these two, LaRavia might be a guy who could get some run with the Detroit Pistons, as he is a tough power forward who has shown he can shoot. He's gotten limited run in the NBA, but the 6-foot-8 forward shot over 38 percent from long range in college and is a guy I profiled as a possible second-round pick for the Pistons.

This is hardly the type of sweeping move the Detroit Pistons need to clear the stench of losing off this team, but while they are waiting for Troy Weaver Van Winkle to wake up and do something (or get fired) LaRavia is a prospect they could use, especially with both Jalen Duren and Marvin Bagley III out and the Pistons light on bigs.

LaRavia is at least a skilled big man, something the Pistons do not currently have.

The Pistons do not have an open roster spot, so would have to cut someone (can I do it?!?) but it could be one of their two-way players.

It's not a move that would excite the fanbase but it would be the start of what has to be big change in Detroit.

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