Possible Pistons trade with the Wizards to upgrade the bench

Nov 27, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Washington Wizards guard Tyus Jones (5) controls the ball in
Nov 27, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Washington Wizards guard Tyus Jones (5) controls the ball in / David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons need some kind of shake-up to breathe some life into a roster that has lost a record-breaking number of games in a row.

The big trade may not be there right now, but the Pistons should be looking for any way to upgrade their depth of role players as well.

They obviously need two-way wings in the worst way, but could also use a competent backup center and a veteran point guard who can help Cade Cunningham.

That player was supposed to be Monte Morris, a guy who can shoot the 3-pointer and takes care of the ball, but he has been injured all season, leaving Cade Cunningham painfully little help when it comes to running the point.

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Killian Hayes has improved, but he still can't shoot, so the Pistons need a steady hand who takes care of the ball and can knock down a 3-point shot, a guy who doesn't mind coming off the bench but could also easily play alongside Cade Cunningham and/or Jaden Ivey.

The Wizards may make such a player available. According to HoopsWire, Washington is open to trading point guard Tyus Jones, who would make a great addition to Detroit.

Pistons trading for Tyus Jones

Jones is averaging 12.5 points and 5.4 assists this season, both career highs, but more importantly, he takes care of the ball, as he only averages 0.8 turnovers a game. He's also a very good shooter who is hitting 54 percent from the field overall and 42.5 percent from long-range.

He's been a solid backup on winning teams in Memphis and has stepped up in a bigger role so far for the Wizards.

Jones is on an expiring contract, which should lower Washington's asking price, but what might it take to get him?

Would Killian Hayes and a second-round pick tempt Washington?

Jones is a guy the Pistons could re-sign in the offseason, as they will still need someone to fill this role.

This would hardly be an Earth-shaking move, but the Pistons need to start collecting quality role players to fill the spots that should be vacated by the seven expiring contracts currently on the roster.

Jones can shoot, he doesn't get hurt often and he takes care of the ball, which are three things the Pistons need in a veteran backup point guard in the future.