Possible players for the Detroit Pistons' open roster spot

Detroit Pistons v Charlotte Hornets
Detroit Pistons v Charlotte Hornets / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

The Detroit Pistons have made some baffling moves over the last few seasons, including their recent decision to buy out veteran Mike Muscala. 

In another prime example of Troy Weaver’s horrible asset management around the fringes, the Pistons had to give up two second-round picks to rid themselves of Marvin Bagley III (after spending two to get him in the first place) and then cut the two players they got in return, both of whom had made positive impacts on the young core. 

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This leaves the Pistons with an open roster spot, but what will they do with it? The answer is not much. 

The Detroit Pistons need a veteran center 

The Pistons could use a veteran center behind their young bigs, as they are suddenly thin at the position after spending so many assets to get guys they eventually traded or gave away. 

They need a player exactly like the one they just bought out, unfortunately, such a player does not exist. They could go dumpster diving in the G-League for someone like Jordan Bell or Khem Birch, but there hardly seems a point to such a move unless they just want a warm body, though Bell is averaging 2.8 blocks per game. 

The bust option 

As soon as James Bouknight hit the buyout market, I figured his next move would be to join the Detroit Pistons, as he fits Troy Weaver’s modus operandi of taking flyers on high draft bust. 

He was the 11th pick in the 2021 draft but did next to nothing in the NBA, as he couldn’t even get run on the lousy Charlotte Hornets before being waived at the trade deadline. Sounds like a Troy Weaver guy to me! 

Using the G-League 

The most likely option is that the Pistons will just leave the spot open and rotate G-League players like Tosan Evbuomwan and Buddy Boeheim up and down from the G-League. 

They also have the recently signed Stanley Umude, so there is really no reason to go out and get a guy just because they have an open spot, especially with Monty Williams at the helm, as he’ll probably work the guy into the rotation somehow. 

So don’t expect a big move by the Pistons, who have an open spot but painfully little to fill it with.