Possible tier two free agents for the Detroit Pistons

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Last week we took a look at the tier one, certified stars that the Detroit Pistons could go after this upcoming offseason.

That list consisted of mostly longshots, but each one would be franchise changing acquisition. Most fans will likely be in the Need to see it to believe it camp with the tier one guys. Based on how this front office has operated since taking over, it’s far more likely they overlook the top tier options and settle in a lower, yet still helpful, group of players. Let’s take a look at who would qualify for this second level, and their fit with Detroit. 

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Tier two players for the Detroit Pistons to target in free agency

Nic Claxton, 6’11 C

Most fans will want to add highlight, likely offensive, players this offseason. But the reality is, Detroit’s offense has been average to above average since adding floor spacers to the rotation. Now the Pistons have to add help on the defensive end.

Nic Claxton does exactly that for the Pistons. The 24 year old has been coveted by Brooklyn since his breakout a few years ago, but the time might have come where Detroit can steal the defensive big man away. Claxton is a tremendous talent down low. He has the length to block or alter any shot put up in the paint, but the footwork and athleticism to switch if need be. Just last season, Nic was fifth in voting for Most Improved Player, and ninth in Defensive Player of the Year. 

Additionally, his offense isn’t just a black hole. This season, Claxton is averaging 12 points, and is a career 67 percent shooter. He averages 10.3 rebounds and three stocks (steals + blocks) per game. His addition to this roster may ruffle some feathers with Jalen Duren being such a fan favorite. Their fit next to each other isn’t exactly perfect, but being able to unleash Claxton’s defense when needed would give Detroit a huge advantage. 

He's likely to stay in Brooklyn, but is the type of big the Pistons need, even if the fit is questionable with Duren already on the roster. The two can't play together and Claxton is not going to sign to be a bench player, so there would have to be additional roster moves for this to work.