Possible tier two free agents for the Detroit Pistons

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Tobias Harris, 6’8 PF

Tobias being included in this discussion will have Detroit Pistons fans going through it emotionally. On the surface, my immediate reaction is absolutely not. Harris will be 32 next season, and the mere mention of his name brings Detroiters back to the painful Stan Van Gundy days.

But if you put those facts aside, Harris actually fits exactly what Detroit needs. At 6-foot-8, he has the size to play the four, and the athleticism to play a big ball three. This season, he is averaging 18 points per game, six rebounds, 3.4 assists, all while shooting 51 percent from two, and 35 percent from three.

Offensively, he can put the ball on the deck and create for himself, or knock down on the perimeter. Defensively, as Detroit desperately needs, Harris has the size to defend 3-5. He won’t be winning any awards for his defense, but on a team like Detroit, Harris’ defense would be a welcome addition.