Potential tax apron teams and players the Pistons could steal from them

Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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Denver Nuggets - Michael Porter Jr.

If you are a team being threatened by the apron tax, it likely means you will be forced to move on from a valued piece or two. That could be exactly the case for the Nuggets. Now, I already mentioned that a team like Denver could simply put up with the second apron tax punishments because they are in complete win-now mode. If they don’t, a groundbreaking move could be in play for Detroit. Denver could decide that Michael Porter Jr. Is on the wrong side of the apron tax. MPJ gives Detroit size, shooting, and perfect positional fit. They could afford the young star and would change the direction of this team. At the moment, Porter Jr. Is shooting 40 percent from three, 57 percent from two. This would be a dream deal for Detroit. 

L.A Lakers - Max Christie

LA is almost at a cross road with LeBron close to aging out, yet they still project to be above the apron tax. For the Lakers, it’s likely a young piece that is going to quickly become too expensive if they are attempting to run it back for another year or two. Max Christie, who played his college ball here in East Lansing, could be a target for Detroit. Max, in his young career, is shooting just under 38 percent from deep, and has improved month after month as he gets more experience. The 6-foot-6 wing would slide well into the three position, and give Detroit a nice weapon that will most definitely continue to develop.