Potential tax apron teams and players the Pistons could steal from them

Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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Miami Heat - Caleb Martin or Tyler Herro

The Heat, much like the Nuggets, might be close to being forced to move on from a valued piece to their roster. Tyler Herro signed a new, $30 million contract, and Caleb Martin is not far behind. If Miami decides to get below the threshold, and continue forward with Butler, Bam, rookie Jaime Jaquez, and one of the two that isn’t moved, the other should be available. Both Herro and Martin can shoot the leather off the ball, while also creating for themselves if need be. Miami has Jaquez they will need to be thinking of shortly, and Detroit could be in a position to snag either of the high level scoring wings. 

Golden State Warriors - Jonathan Kuminga

Kuminga has taken some time to come along in the NBA, but has done a good job since officially ‘arriving’. The Warriors dynasty is all but over, and we see some guys moved here shortly. It’s more likely they move on from older talent such as Draymond Green or Klay Thompson, but if they are hesitant to break up the 2018 band, Kuminga is due for a large pay day coming up, and Detroit could be the ones to give it to him. Jonathon is averaging 16 points, 5 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and over 1 stock per game. The 6-foot-8 wing is able to explode towards the basket or space the floor if need be. Detroit could most definitely afford the young star. 

New Orleans Pelicans - Brandon Ingram

A name that has been more and more recently connected to other organizations is Brandon Ingram. While the Pelicans are currently projected to be below the apron, it’s a common thought that they may be forced to choose between a few of their stars here shortly. Focusing on Zion, Herbert Jones, and Trey Murphy, the Pels may have BI on the outside looking in, a position Detroit should absolutely jump at. I have completely talked myself into the Pistons going out and getting Ingram. His career 36 percent three point shooting, along with his length and 21 points per game would be welcomed here in Detroit.