Proposed draft trade to shake up the Detroit Pistons' core

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The Detroit Pistons have won fewer than 80 games in the last four seasons combined and something has to change.

Many would point the finger directly at Troy Weaver and the front office, which has done nothing to improve the roster around draft picks who are all in their early 20s.

Teams need a mixture of ages and experience levels, but so far the Pistons have gone with very young or too old, missing on the meaty middle portion of the age demographic that represents most of the best players in the league.

Next. Recent Mock Draft has Pistons selecting Jaden Ivey's replacement. Recent Mock Draft has Pistons selecting Jaden Ivey's replacement. dark

Hoarding top-5 draft picks has never been a way to success in the NBA, so it's time the Pistons look to use some of their young players and draft capital to shake things up.

Detroit Pistons draft: A trade is necessary

The Pistons are limited because of the draft pick they owe the Knicks, but they can trade their 2024 pick on draft day, as they will essentially be trading the rights to a player and not the pick itself.

That pick will be in the top five and represents one of their best assets, even in a weaker draft.

If the Pistons could package this draft pick (plus another they can trade in 2029) with one or more of their young players, they might be able to get an established player instead of a prospect or guy way past his prime.

There is one who immediately springs to mind, but it won't be easy for the Detroit Pistons to get him.

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