Proposed draft trade to shake up the Detroit Pistons' core

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Detroit Pistons: Trading Jaden Ivey for a more complementary player

Whether you think Jaden Ivey is going to be a star or not, there is no indication yet that he is a good fit with Cade Cunningham or ever will be.

This is part of the tough conversation the Pistons need to have about Ivey, as pairing him with their draft assets may be the best way to land an impact player this summer who better fits the rest of their rotation.

Here is the scaffolding of a trade that might work for the Pistons, though they would likely have to add more:

Ivey trade to Nets

In this trade, the Pistons send Ivey and two picks (one of which is guaranteed to be in the top five) for Mikal Bridges.

First off, this might not be enough to land Bridges, as the Nets reportedly turned down a similar package from Houston, though the Pistons' picks might be more appealing.

The Pistons may have to throw in another young player, perhaps Isaiah Stewart, which would make this trade more painful. Ivey, Stewart and two picks, one of which is a top-five, is a pretty good package for Bridges and one the Nets might be more open to considering after a season in which they are going to fail to make the play in. The Pistons could also throw in a pick swap or two if necessary.

Brooklyn doesn't have a pick in 2024, so grabbing one of the top five guys might have some appeal if they think a rebuild is in the cards.

This is the type of deal that the Detroit Pistons must explore this summer, as their core isn't working and adding another teenager to it is just more of the same failed strategy.

Bridges also happens to be the perfect player for the Pistons, just imagine...