Proposed Jaden Ivey trade would have pros and cons for the Pistons

Detroit Pistons v Brooklyn Nets
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Pros of trading Jaden Ivey for Cam Thomas 

The pros of a trade like this are easy to spot. Thomas is a bonafide bucket already, averaging over 22 points per game last season while shooting 36 percent from long range on six attempts per game. 

His shooting ability potentially makes him a better fit with Cade Cunningham as a backcourt mate, which would alleviate some of the concerns about Ivey. 

Thomas is not a great defender, but he’s shown more improvement in that area than Ivey, so has a better chance of eventually being a two-way threat. 

Thomas is a more dynamic scoring threat who can explode and carry a team. He’s scored over 40 points eight times in his career already. Ivey has scored 30 or more seven times, but he’s never hit 40. 

The two are the same age even though Thomas has an extra year of experience, and after last year’s breakout, may be on the verge of stardom, following a similar path to Tyrese Maxey. 

This seems like a no-brainer for the Pistons, who are getting the more accomplished player who is a better fit with their star. 

But there would be cons to this trade that can’t be ignored.