Realistic or unrealistic? Fan trades and free agents for the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
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The Pistons use cap space on three free agent role players: Realistic 

This fan suggested the Pistons should just spend all of their cap space on free-agent role players and leave the young core intact. They suggested Monk, Hartenstein and D’Angelo Russell as realistic targets that the Pistons may be able to land. 

I think this strategy is a possibility, as I’m not sure the Pistons are ready to give up any of their young players unless a great deal comes along, which may not. There is some appeal to this, as it’s what Houston did last season and it worked for them, but there is also risk in overrating your own guys and holding onto them for too long while their value diminishes. 

The Detroit Pistons bring back Killian Hayes: Unrealistic and how dare you 

I realize this one was probably a joke, but my initial responsewas to drop some words that I won’t print here. Even though this person was probably joking, the sad thing is that there is still a gang of Killian fans out there who think the Pistons made a huge error by cutting him, a position the rest of the league doesn’t agree with, as he’s still not found a job.