Realistic or unrealistic? Fan trades and free agents for the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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The Pistons sign Russell Westbrook and move Cade Cunningham to shooting guard: Unrealistic 

So, your answer to fix the Pistons backcourt is to make Russell Westbrook the starting point guard? A guy who will be 36 next season and shot 27 percent from 3-point range this season is not the answer to any problem the Pistons have. This is one of those situations when I am glad the fans do not have a say in anything. 

The Pistons use their pick, add mid free agents and run it back: Realistic 

Cleaning house is going to take some heavy admissions of guilt from the front office and ownership, so unless the new POBO decides otherwise, I could see the Pistons just using their pick, spending on free agents to upgrade the bench and running it back for another season. 

This would be about the least exciting option but might be more realistic.