Reasons to keep watching the Detroit Pistons trainwreck of a season

Detroit Pistons v Boston Celtics
Detroit Pistons v Boston Celtics / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The Detroit Pistons are 12-57 with 13 games remaining. They are injured. They are terrible, and I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to tap out.

The Pistons have not been a fun team to watch, despite having some exciting young talent, and we're still no closer to having a competitive roster than we were four seasons ago.

It's grim, but I can't look away, so will grind out these last 13 games as if they mean something. Here are some reasons to see this miserable season through until the bitter end.

It's Detroit Pistons basketball

Despite all logic, I still enjoy watching the Pistons play basketball and after these 13 games, there won't be any more until October, which is a long way off.

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Never making the playoffs means the season ends in April while the good teams play on, so enjoy these last few games, as you're not getting more until autumn.

You can't look away from a trainwreck

At this point, I want to see just how bad this can get, so it's hard to look away, much like the old trainwreck cliche.

The Pistons already have two guys who started the season in the G-League in the starting five, which is becoming an annual tradition. Will Buddy Boeheim get a start? James Wiseman? What is the wonkiest starting lineup we'll see in these last 13 games? Can Monty Williams play 15 players in a single game? Anything is possible if you believe.

The Pistons need to win four more to tie the franchise's worst record and there is no certainty they will get there. Will that embarrassing regression be enough to get Tom Gores to clean house? If not, will it be enough for Troy Weaver to make the kind of roster changes the team needs?

I hate to say it, but the chaos intrigues me, as does the chance at historic futility and the possible repercussions it would bring.

Pistons Rumors, rumors, rumors and speculation

When your team stinks on the floor, what happens off it becomes the focus and there should be plenty of action for the Pistons.

With cap space, a high draft pick and young players at their disposal, the Pistons will be involved in every rumor going and that's before we get to free agency.

There is going to be more drama and speculation around this circus than ever before, starting with whether they are going to fire their GM, coach, both or neither.

Who wants to be one of those good boring teams that don't constantly fire their coaches and trade away half of their roster? The Pistons come with chaos attached, so at least we'll have plenty of fake trades (sigh) and scenarios to sift through as we dream of having a team whose season doesn't end with a whimper in April.