Ridiculous trade proposal has Pistons moving Cade Cunningham to Spurs

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
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Detroit Pistons trade proposal sends Cade Cunningham to the San Antonio Spurs

This one was the brainchild of our friends over at Hoops Habit, who came up with a whole article of trade proposals for the San Antonio Spurs. Given that context, they were likely trying to help the Spurs more than the Pistons, which they do with this trade proposal:

Cade to Spurs

*The original proposal included Marvin Bagley III, who has since been traded to Washington, so I swapped him out with Knox to make the money work. With MBIII, this would be slightly better for Detroit, as at least they'd be getting some future salary relief.

Given his injury history, this would likely represent one of the better deals the Pistons could get if they lost their minds and decided to trade their best player.

Johnson is a steady wing on a good contract, and the 2024 pick will be in the top five, but that's where it ends from the Pistons' point of view.

This makes loads of sense for the Spurs, who have a ton of future picks and would love an actual point guard to pair with Victor Wembanyama. Those two would instantly be good together, believe me, I spent a year dreaming about it.

But this wouldn't be nearly enough for the Pistons to take this kind of gamble.