Ridiculous trade proposal has Pistons moving Cade Cunningham to Spurs

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
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I repeat: The Detroit Pistons aren't trading Cade Cunningham to the Spurs

Keldon Johnson is a solid player, and a guy the Detroit Pistons could pursue if the Spurs make him available, but if they do, Cade Cunningham will not be involved.

Just from a PR perspective, this would be a disaster for the Pistons, as the hope of Cunningham evolving into the star the team needs is one of the only things keeping fans interested. How could Troy Weaver defend trading his #1 pick before he's even in his 4th season? He couldn't, so he'd have to hand in his resignation along with the trade proposal.

The 2024 pick will be a top-five choice, but who cares? This isn't a good draft, and while there will certainly be some good players in it, possibly even a superstar, next year's draft is an even bigger crapshoot than usual. Do you trust the Pistons to find the diamond in the rough? Me either. The only thing appealling about this pick is that it would give the Pistons two in the top-5, which would allow them to trade one of them in a big deal, but who are they bringing back that is better than Cade?

The Bulls' pick in 2025, when there are a few more potential stars, is top-10 protected, so even if the Bulls blow it up and tank next season, it wouldn't benefit Detroit.

The 2027 pick from Atlanta has no protections, but as long as they have Trae Young, the Hawks will at least be around where they are now, which is a middling team in the play-in tournament at the back end of the lottery. No thanks.

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the few teams that could put together a proposal for Cade Cunningham that the Pistons would at least listen to, but this one isn't getting them in the door.