6 Stars the Detroit Pistons could target in trades for their top-5 pick

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Jaylen Brown 

The Celtics are also up against a salary crunch, though they are riding the best record in the league and not thinking about anything except a title right now. Whether they win one, or flame out again, they may have to make some tough calls, as they will have over $170 million invested in just their starting five next season and have what will likely be a record-breaking supermax extension for Jayson Tatum looming. 

Once he gets that, they are looking at having nearly $120 million per season invested in two players. 

They could trade Jrue Holiday or Derrick White to get some relief, or they could trade Jaylen Brown to reap a huge package in return. 

Even if the Pistons were to land the #1 pick, I’m not sure they’d have the assets to get Brown, who is one of the best two-way wings in the game. 

But the Pistons would be one of the only teams in a position to take on his enormous salary, so a top-5 pick would at least get them in the conversation. There are other teams who could offer more in terms of draft capital, so this would be the longest of longshots for the Pistons and very unlikely to happen.