6 Stars the Detroit Pistons could target in trades for their top-5 pick

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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Devin Booker 

This is another one that falls into the extreme longshot category, as the Suns aren’t likely to move the centerpiece of their team. 

However, if they were to flame out in the first round of the playoffs, we can’t rule out the finicky Kevin Durant trying to orchestrate another trade, and if he does, Booker might not be far behind. 

If the Suns see that they can’t win a title with their current Big 3, then blowing it up is an option and they’d get a king’s ransom in return. 

Booker may have some interest in playing for his hometown team and former coach Monty Williams if Monty is still the coach next season. 

A lot would have to go right for this to happen, but you better believe I’ll be cheering for whoever the Suns are playing in the first round of the playoffs, hoping they get swept and their stars ask out.