6 Stars the Detroit Pistons could target in trades for their top-5 pick

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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Lauri Markkanen 

As far as pure fit, there might not be a better player for the Detroit Pistons than Lauri Markkanen, a seven-foot power forward who would fill an immediate need. 

He’s also the perfect age, is a good defender who affects shots with his height on the perimeter and under the hoop. He’s a fit with Duren and would give the Pistons the floor spreader at the four that they’ve been missing. 

But what would it take to get him? 

He was in some trade rumors early in the season, but Utah put a stop to those by saying they’d want a deal like the one they got for Rudy Gobert. If that’s the case, the Pistons are probably out, as they don’t have 4-5 draft picks to trade. 

But what about a top-5 pick this year, a future first, a young player, and a ton of second-round picks and swaps? It might be enough to move the needle and Troy Weaver should definitely find out, as Markkanen is the exact prototype of what the Pistons need.