Starts vs. finishes: The Pistons wild starting lineups the last four seasons

Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
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2023-24: Record of 12-57 (so far)

Starting lineup in first game:
-Cade Cunningham, Killian Hayes, Ausar Thompson, Isaiah Stewart, Jalen Duren
Starting lineup now:
-Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, Tosan Evbuomwan, Stanley Umude, Jalen Duren

We are now up the present and we're getting more of the same, as the Pistons will once again finish the season with G-Leaguers and/or recently signed players in their starting five.

Cunningham has a chance to start and finish a season for the first time in his career and two of the players they are currently using started the season on two-way contracts.

I suppose we can take some consolation in the fact that three of the alleged "Core Four" (puke) are in the starting five to end the season, while the other has a blood clot and will miss the remainder.

Isaiah Stewart has also been shut down after only playing 46 games, so he'll have played just 96 games in the last two seasons combined.

Whether it is because of injuries, roster churn or just plain terrible play, the Detroit Pistons have had zero continuity over the last four seasons, which is part of the reason we have seen regression instead of growth.

It will happen again next year, as the Pistons will have at least six open roster spots this offseason, so we'll get plenty of new faces and the churn will start again.

Take a look at the consistently good teams and see if they have this kind of turnover from year to year. Yes, the Pistons tore down their roster at the beginning of the rebuild, but they haven't been able to keep the bulk of a team on the floor together in the three years since and have just kept getting worse.

Don't be surprised if we have most of a new starting five to begin next season and be even less surprised when it's not the same one that finishes it.