Team the Detroit Pistons should monitor for a big trade

Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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At some point, the Detroit Pistons are going to have to take a swing on some big talent that doesn't come from the NBA Draft.

Troy Weaver hasn't done much in free agency or the trade market since his first year in Detroit, neglecting to add any veteran talent over the last three offseasons even though he had money.

Weaver needs to add talent, guys we know can play and will complement Cade Cunningham. He may not be able to find it in free agency, but there are possibilities out there he should be exploring right now.

Pistons should be watching the Brooklyn Nets for a possible big trade

The Brooklyn Nets have a player I would love for the Detroit Pistons in Mikal Bridges. He's 27, a great defender, three point shooter and a reliable secondary scoring option who has playoff experience. He also likes Monty Williams, crediting him for a lot of his development and even stuck up for him when Monty got fired from Phoenix.

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Bridges can slot in anywhere on the wing and would give Cade Cunningham a young veteran who complements his game.

Brooklyn could be a team at a crossroads this summer, as they are currently in NBA purgatory and have seven expiring contracts coming off their books. Do they think the Bridges/Johnson duo is good enough to build around or would they be willing to break it up for the right price? What about Ben Simmons? Is he part of their plans?

The Nets do not have a first-round pick in 2024 and could make a big swing to rebuild around the picks they are owed from Phoenix, either by trading for another star or blowing it up and starting from scratch around picks and a ton of cap space.

All of this makes them a possible trade partner for Detroit, either now or at the end of the season.