Team the Detroit Pistons should monitor for a big trade

Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
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A wild trade between the Pistons and Nets

If the Pistons really wanted to shake things up, there might be a way to do it, but it will be painful. The Pistons could reduce the cost of Bridges by taking Simmons too, giving the Nets a bunch of expirings and a ton of future cap space.

Trade with Nets

If the Pistons could get Bridges, I'd consider it, as Simmons only has one more year left on his deal after this, so it wouldn't be catastrophic long term.

The Pistons don't need draft picks, they need players who can play and Bridges can play. He's also on a great deal, still in the heart of his prime and is a guy the Pistons could lean into long term.

How many draft picks would it take? Would expiring contracts and two picks be enough for Bridges even with Simmons attached? I honestly don't know. If the Nets wanted the cap space and roster spots to start over, this would be one way to do it. That would give them around $50 million in cap space to go along with two picks, not a bad return and some might say too much if Simmons is involved.

There is another way.