Team the Detroit Pistons should monitor for a big trade

Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
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Pistons and Nets trade after the season

The Detroit Pistons may be best served to wait until the end of the season so they know where their 2024 draft pick is and can trade it. This draft is not heavy with star prospects, but a top-5 pick would still be worth something, especially with a young player like Jaden Ivey attached.

I don't know if Ivey and a top-5 pick get you Bridges, at least not in this draft, but it would get you most of the way there.

Trade with Nets Ivey

But Ivey has shown signs of stardom, so this would be giving up on him very early, but you have to trade something to get something in the NBA. Is this enough for Bridges? Is it too much for the Pistons to give up? Depends on who you ask.

Because of their payroll and draft pick situation, the Nets are a team to watch for a big trade, it's just unclear if the Pistons have what it takes to be a part of it.

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