6 Teams the Pistons are "well positioned" to take advantage of this summer

Detroit Pistons v Denver Nuggets
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#5: Atlanta Hawks 

Possible players: Dejounte Murray, Clint Capela, De’Andre Hunter 

There have been some proposed deals sending Dejounte Murray to the Pistons, which makes some sense, as he would give them more floor spacing and defense on the perimeter. 

His fit with Cade Cunningham isn’t seamless, but he’d be a clear upgrade who is on a reasonable extension that doesn’t kick in until next year, so Detroit would get most of his prime years. 

Capela is another interesting name, as the Hawks may have to give him away for practically nothing just to get off his money. He only has one year left on his deal and could make sense as a stopgap rim protector while Duren gets his act together on the defensive end. 

He only has one year at $22 million left on his deal, so is a name to watch for the Pistons, who could also look at a guy like De’Andre Hunter. 

I wouldn’t be completely shocked if the Pistons were to trade for more than one of these players from Atlanta.