6 Teams the Pistons are "well positioned" to take advantage of this summer

Detroit Pistons v Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons v Denver Nuggets / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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#3: Golden State Warriors 

Possible player: Andrew Wiggins 

The Warriors may not be as desperate as some of these other teams, as they have ways to cut money, namely by waiving Chris Paul and re-negotiating with Klay Thompson. 

But they’d love to dump the three years left on Wiggins’ deal even though he is only a season removed from being a very useful player. 

Theoretically, Wiggins is the type of player the Pistons will covet as a 3-and-D wing who has shown he can do both at an All-Star level. But which Wiggins are you getting? Did he just have a down season? 

He’s still not even 30, so it’s not like he’s ancient, but I’m not sure I trust Wiggins not to phone it in on the Pistons. 

Who knows, maybe a bigger role would inspire him, but if Wiggins is the Pistons’ second-best player next season, I’d say they’re in big trouble.  

I could see him go through the motions and collect checks, and I don’t know if the Pistons have anything other than money that the Warriors would want anyway. If they can get him for nothing, maybe, but I’d be loath to give up assets for a guy like Wiggins.