6 Teams the Pistons are "well positioned" to take advantage of this summer

Detroit Pistons v Denver Nuggets
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#2: Milwaukee Bucks 

Possible player: Khris Middleton  

We are now into the second-apron teams who may have to shed some money if they want to make any kind of meaningful change this summer. 

The Bucks are expensive, old and came up short this season after injuries killed them down the stretch. With no money or assets, how are the Bucks going to get better? Get younger? 

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Trading Middleton would be an option, though he showed in the playoffs that he can still do it at a high level for the Bucks and it would be tough to get equal value back for a guy who is nearly 33 and has a hard time staying healthy. 

He has two years left on his deal at $31 and 34 million, so he wouldn’t represent a long-term investment for Detroit, but what would the Bucks want in return? They may be happy with a young player and/or pick, mostly looking for cap relief, but who would they spend that cap money on anyway? Is there a player out there they can get who is better than Middleton? I’m dubious. 

He’s technically a fit with the Pistons and would be an impact addition even if he only played 55 games, but the question is what they’d have to give up to get him.